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Safe and Tested in the UK with the highest possible specifications


UK Authorised Company to demonstrate UK Safety Tested Approved Certifications and Reports as customer safety is our top priority. We use only the highest possible specifications ensuring all customers are satisfied.


When buying a Hoverboard, Segway Board or Swegway the Safety of the product is the most important factor for us and our customers.


Segway Hoverboards ensures that all of our boards adhere to the highest UK Safety Standards. You may find cheaper boards on the market but the price reflects the quality of the components used. HoverSmart boards have the highest possible specifications. Not only does this reduce returns, but also keeps our customers happy as our boards simply last a lot longer than cheaper alternatives.


We ensure that every component in the board adheres to UK Safety Standards.  All our boards are tested Independently by approved leading UK test house. The Samsung batteries and chargers undergo further stringent tests to make 100% sure they comply with UK Safety Standards.


Don’t risk purchasing a non UK compliant Hoverboard or Segway board.  Many other retailers claim they have UK certified Hoverboards but in fact they are not tested independently in the UK and can be dangerous, especially if the charger and battery do not cut off once full charged.


All HoverSmart™  boards include:


     • Genuine Samsung Lithium Batteries

     • 3 Pin UK Charger with the correct UK Fuse

     • The charger has an intelligent cut off switch that prevents over charging the battery

     • All the components are electrically tested to ensure they adhere to UK Standards



HoverSmart™ boards and all internal components are compliant to all UK and EU regulations. We have had these tested in a UK verified test lab to ensure that all components are compliant and to make sure that batteries and chargers are 100% safe (we can provide you with our extensive test certificates to confirm this upon request).


We Only Use Top Quality Components


HoverSmart uses only the highest quality components available. The internal to the hoverboard consists of three main components:

1. Battery

2. Motherboard

3. Motors

HoverSmart uses Genuine Samsung or LG batteries. Many other sellers are using fake batteries which are not only dangerous but generally only last around an hour.


HoverSmart uses the new UK regulation upgraded top quality motherboards. The motherboards are UL approved and made in an ISO-9001 certified facility.


HoverSmart uses the highest quality 350 Watt Silent Drive motors. The motors have been designed to be quiet and economical. They use only the highest quality materials and are guaranteed to last.


Free Next Day Delivery


We ship all orders the same working day if the order is placed before 2pm and we ensure deliver within 1-3 days via UPS, DPD or Parcel Force. (Depending on stock levels)




  • All HoverSmart™ boards, chargers, plugs and accessories are fully CE Certified and National Trading Standards (NTS) Compliant.


  • All HoverSmart™ boards are sent directly from our UK Warehouse and come with the highest possible specifications, equal to the most expensive smart boards on the market.


  • HoverSmart™ boards are safe, fun and very easy to use for the whole family. They are fully National Trading Standards (NTS) approved.


  • HoverSmart™ boards pass through trading standards and are fully CE Certified which means they are fully compliant and safe to sell and use in the UK.


  • HoverSmart™ boards have fused plugs, chargers and have been tested in the UK. Every one of our shipments are tested by trading standards before the boards are allowed to be let through customs.


  • How long does delivery take? Free UK delivery - 1- 3 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) However, on rare occasions delivery can take a little longer depending on stock levels.


  • Which courier service are you using? We use UK Mail or UPS.


  • Are you items in stock? Yes, everything on our website is in stock, unless stated otherwise.


  • Are you UK based? Yes. We are based in the UK and our registered office is in London.


  • Where is the Segway board manufactured? All Segway boards are manufactured in China however we inspect and test each board by our UK Engineers in the UK before we send our boards to our customers. Our boards have the highest standard build quality and components.


  • What is the warranty service and repair service? All boards have a standard 12-month manufacturers warranty service. Warranty covers battery pack. Due to the nature of the product we cannot be held responsible for any misuse.


  • Note: Warranty does not cover accidental damage or misuse. If the exterior of your Segway is damaged or the internal seals are broken your warranty is void. We can quickly and easily see where a Segway has been damaged due to scratches or dents on the body of the board. Internal or external damage caused by crash or accidental damage isn't covered under warranty claims. You will be liable to pay the shipping costs to return your Segway back to us if the damage isn't covered under warranty. We will quote for repair costs once our technicians have conducted diagnostics on your board.


  • Can I visit you to pick up/buy items? Unfortunately not, we only operate an online store and do not have the facility for clients to visit our warehouses.


  • What is the build quality of the HoverSmart™ board? Our boards are built using only quality components that are very durable. Our battery is Samsung operated.


  • I have ordered an Segway and I have not received it yet.


  • If it has exceeded the delivery schedule you have selected then please provide your name, contact number, and email address using our contact page and our Support Team will resolve this for you



  • On rare occasions, especially during the festive period, we may run out of HoverSmart packaging as we try to keep up with demand. If this happens, we will send your board out with the original packaging. This does not affect the quality of the board you receive. We want to get the boards out to you as soon as possible so we won't let packaging hold things up.






If your board is not functioning correctly you will need to recalibrate it.

This can easily be done by following the steps below:




  • Charge the board for around two hours to make sure it's fully charged.


  • Turn the board off and make sure the board is completely level with the ground.


  • Turn the board off.


  • Hold down the “on” button for around 45 seconds. The led lights on the front should start flashing and you will hear a couple of beeps. Let them continue for the full 45 seconds.


  • Wheel the board back and fourth ensuring the board is upright and level with the floor.


  • Turn off the board.


  • Turn the board back on again and the board should now work as normal.





 Regarding The Media Coverage Relating To Faulty Hoverboards


  • We have worked closely with Trading Standards. Our product has been thoroughly tested and complies to all UK and EU safely laws. In particular the charger complies with BS1363 which has been the main issue with the faulty units on the market. In addition to that our boards are also fitted with Samsung batteries.


  • We have all the relevant safety certificates which have been verified by Trading Standards. The Amazon announcement relates to non-compliant plugs, batteries and cheaply made boards which were mainly sent directly from China - our product does not fall into that category.


All our boards are fully CE Certified. They are not the same as the ones selling on such websites as Amazon and eBay.. These boards are often poorly made and are no longer allowed to enter the UK. In fact, although the media has only just started to report on this, they haven't been allowed into the UK for quite some time.  Our boards come in every Thursday, they are fully checked and approved.




  • Avoid buying from eBay or Amazon or a website which sells the boards at extremely cheap prices, unless it's a trusted UK seller and the price looks right. The Segway boards on eBay and Amazon are often shipped directly from China and can be very cheaply made. Not only will they not last very long before breaking or becoming faulty, the chargers and plugs may not be (NTS) Compliant. If the websites/adverts on Amazon and eBay state that shipping will be 7-12 days or longer, the likelihood is that it will be coming directly from China. You will have no way of checking the quality or safety standards of the board before it arrives in the UK. Always stick to companies and websites shipping from the UK.


  • If you have purchased a board and you are wary of the specifications, first check the shape of the plug. The first unsafe boards identified often had a clover-shaped plug. Make sure the plug is fused. It should look no different to a standard UK charger and plug. The board should feel quite heavy and robust.


  • Check the website has a UK landlines or mobile number. Feel free to give them a call. Also, check the head office and warehouse address is in the UK.


  • The cheaper the board, the cheaper the components will be inside. HoverSmart™ boards are fairly priced, but we don't compromise on quality. We have made sure our boards are the same specifications are the most expensive boards on the market.


  • Never be dazzled by boards that seem way too cheap. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.


  • I can buy off Amazon and eBay for cheaper! You will be buying a low end, cheaply manufactured board with components that do not come with any warranty or inspection increasing the risk of a hazard. More than likely the boards are not even in the UK meaning it will take 4-6 weeks for your order to arrive, if it ever does.


  • What is this about Samsung batteries? There are many different components of a board. The battery is one of the most important. It generates the power and holds a charge. Our boards only use Samsung grade, high quality lithium-ion batteries, unlike other boards that use cheap, short-life batteries.


  • What wheel size should I buy? Our Classic range is the most popular. It is the lightest, weighing only 9kg meaning it's the most agile, robust and durable. If the Classic board is not for you and you want something bigger, consider our Bluetooth Collection which comes in 6 inch and 8 inch wheel sizes. Don't forget, the bigger the wheels the heavier the board.


  • Do I need Bluetooth? Again, this is completely up to you! This allows you to easily connect your phone and play music off the built in speaks on the Swegway board. Once again, like the wheels, bluetooth does add extra weight so bare that in mind.


  • Do I need to inflate the tyres? The tyres on all of our boards are solid rubber and do not need inflating. These usually last over 1,000 hours of use.




  • UK Law states that you cannot use your segway board on public roads or pathways. However, we have made contact with the European Commission Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Systems which regulates the UK on motorized devises and vehicles. Below is a quote from the "Guide to application of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC - 2nd Edition - June 2010"


Traveling function


  • Without prejudice to road traffic regulations, self-propelled machinery and its trailers must meet the requirements for slowing down, stopping, braking and immobilization so as to ensure safety under all the operating, load, speed, ground and gradient conditions allowed for


  • The driver must be able to slow down and stop self-propelled machinery by means of a main device. Where safety so requires, in the event of a failure of the main device, or in the absence of the energy supply needed to actuate the main device, an emergency device with a fully independent and easily accessible control device must be provided for slowing down and stopping.


  • Where safety so requires, a parking device must be provided to render stationary machinery immobile. This device may be combined with one of the devices referred to in the second paragraph, provided that it is purely mechanical.


  • What this quote indicates is that if your motorized vehicle meets these requirements then it is safe to use on the road or the pavement. As all the devises sold by Electric Wheels UK meets these requirements we advise they are safe to use. But we do advise that you should avoid busy roads and pavements and wear protective gear if possible when riding.



If you need to get in touch you can either give us a call or send us an email for a faster response. We aim to get back to emails within 6 hours.


Phone Support: 10am-5pm Mon-Fri


Email Support: 24/7


We are a small team so we prioritise emails. Not only is it faster, we also have a record of all communication.


Please click HERE for our list of FAQ's as it may answer your question.


All orders are typically shipped within 1-3 days (excluding weekends and public holidays) However, on rare occasions deliveries may take longer, especially during public holidays and festive periods.

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