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Affordable Quality

We may be fairly priced compared to many of our competitors, but we do not compromise on quality. We use the highest possible spec batteries and components to make sure we have the very best quality boards on the market.

Superior Build Quality

HoverSmart™ boards are built with the finest possible materials making them durable and long lasting in all weather types. We also use the very best drift tyres making them both robust and ready for action come rain or shine..

Free Worldwide Shipping

We have outlets in both the UK and the USA which helps is keep our prices low and our delivery times to a minimum. We deliver worldwide and can also deliver at a time that suits you.

Long Lasting Battery

We use Genuine Samsung Lithium Batteries which fully charge within 2 hours and last up to 60% longer than many other brands.

Latest Models

We always stock latest models, so you can rest assured you are getting the very latest design and technology. We can also customize your HoverSmart™ board upon request. Please contact us for more info.

Customer Support

We are here to help 24/7, Whether it's a question prior to purchase or something you need help with after purchase, just drop us an email.

The Future Is Here!

Lets Ride It!

All HoverSmart™ boards and accessories are fully CE Certified and National Trading Standards (NTS) Approved.


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